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Sensonor Technologies AS launches high performance MEMS gyro sensor, SAR100, enabling applications in harsh environment that require high bias stability.
Sensonor Technologies AS and Acreo AB have signed an agreement for industrialization of a high performing infrared imaging sensor. The technology combines existing manufacturing processes for CMOS and MEMS in a new manner.
The monthly magazine MEMSentry from Yole Dévelopment, which publishes this exclusive magazine analyzing recent events and coming trends in the MEMS fields, is profiling Sensonor Technologies AS under the headline "Company insider - Sensonor looks to higher value markets".
Sensonor Technologies AS and Imego, The Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology in Gothenburg, Sweden, enter a long term strategic coorperation for development, manufacturing and marketing of MEMS based inertia sensors and navigation systems.
Today we launch our website with a new look and with focus on our products and their applicability. Major changes have been made to bring our products in the front seat and to provide customers with feasible and interesting knowledge.
The annual magazine from Imego AB, the Swedish Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology, is profiling Sensonor Technologies AS under the headline "MEMS for High Precision - that's Sensonor Technologies AS".
The new company gives an opportunity for growth into new areas of application. Sensonor's technology, knowledge base and production capability can be utilized within several high-end niche applications.