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High Accuracy Gyro and IMU solutions used in a range of industrial applications

Sensonor designs and manufactures High Accuracy Gyro and IMU solutions that are used in a range of industrial applications. These applications often require cost effective and small gyro and IMU solutions while maintaining very high performance and accuracy requirements.

Sensonor products are designed into the applications below:

  • Man portable LIDAR systems
  • Camera and mapping systems
  • Road surface monitoring systems
  • Industrial robotics precision control
  • Cavity monitoring tools
  • Medical surgery equipment
  • Tunnel drilling systems
  • Borehole surveying
  • Railway inspection systems Autonomous delivery vehicles
  • Semiconductor test equipment
  • Automotive test systems
  • Stabilized camera turrets for security surveillance
  • ROV guidance
  • UUV/UAV guidance and control


Customized versions available on request.

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