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Gyro Products

Key features

  • Long lifetime and exceptional reliability
  • Excellent shock and vibration performance
  • Affordable, robust and rugged design
  • Fully digital and configurable operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Gyro sensor temperature output
  • Insensitive to magnetic fields
  • Comprehensive built-in test and continuous diagnostic monitoring
  • Full scale operation of more than 2000°/s on special order
  • ITAR free

Gyro Modules

Introduced in 2009, the STIM series gyro modules are now benchmark in the high-end MEMS gyro market. They consists of 1, 2 or 3 ultra-high accuracy gyro axis in a miniature package representing a superior choice to FOGs with respect to robustness, reliability, size/weight, power-consumption and cost. STIM277H was introduced in 2020 to support applications that require the highest long-term reliability. STIM277H is tested to 20+ years life expectancy and is a drop-in alternative to the STIM210. STIM gyro modules integrates easily into any application. Apply power, and the STIM gyro module will immediately provide accurate measurements over an RS422 interface. The user has a high flexibility in device configuration. Gyro output unit, sampling frequency, filter settings and RS422 communication settings are among parameters that can be changed.
Electronic axis alignment is a standard feature. For advanced users, the utility mode provides access to set the configuration parameters intermediately or permanently. Features like electronic ID and advanced diagnostics with temperature measurements are available.

Gyro Modules