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Sensonor launches new Gyro sensor

Press release

Sensonor Technologies AS launches high performance MEMS gyro sensor, SAR100, enabling applications in harsh environment that require high bias stability.

SAR100 is Sensonor Technologies’ newest high performance gyro sensor, designed for demanding applications in the Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Instrumentation and Industrial markets. Based on inherently rugged MEMS technology, it features bias stability of 50/h. It is offered in an LCC ceramic package and can withstand high shocks of up to 5000g without performance degradation. SAR100 is offered in two ranges 100/s and 250/s. (optional 2000/s). SAR100 is interfaced with closed loop electronics based on forced feedback operation; featuring a fully digital output signal available through an SPI interface. It includes a self-test mechanism ensuring optimum performance. Placed in a hermetically-sealed ceramic LCC package for horizontal and vertical mount that is ideal for application in harsh environments, the SAR100 gyro sensor combines the latest technological advances in MEMS technology together with high performance closed-loop electronic interface.

”SAR100 is an ITAR-free high performance gyro ideal for a number of applications at a cost effective price and we are very excited to provide this solution to our customers, thereby ensuring continuity of supply,” commented Carsten Fongen, Sales Manager at Sensonor Technologies. ”MEMS has enabled a large number of applications in the automotive and consumer markets by providing cost effective disruptive solutions. This same technology is now entering into the high-added value, high performance markets such as Mil/Aerospace, promising displacement of the current expensive, fragile technologies” continued Fongen.