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Inertial Measurement Units

Key features

  • Superior reliability and robustness over long lifetime
  • Excellent form fit and function
  • Superior weight to performance ratio
  • Superior IRBS 0.3°/h
  • Integrated AUX capability

STIM300 IMU Series

Sensonor manufacture a range of Inertial Measurement Units with STIM300 being the first one released in 2011. Since then it has been through a range of improvements and added features. Backward compatibility is always maintained to support our long-term customers. Next, the STIM318 with improved accelerometers came and then soon to follow, the STIM320 with further improvements to the gyro performance. STIM377H, a hermetically sealed IMU introduced in 2020, aimed at applications that require the highest long term reliability, tested to 20+ years life expectancy.
All IMUs share the identical form factor and Sensonor's proprietary and reliable inertia technology manufactured in its own wafer fab since 2002. The STIM series of IMUs are today the highest performing ITAR-free IMUs commercially available in the market in its size class. It is in certain applications found to be a good replacement of the larger and heavier fiber optic gyro (FOG) based systems.

Inertial Measurement Units