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STIM318 is a small, tactical grade, low weight, high performance non-GPS aided Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with greatly improved accelerometer performance. It contains 3 highly accurate MEMS gyros, 3 ultra-high stability accelerometers and 3 inclinometers. The IMU is factory calibrated and compensated for temperature effects over its entire operating temperature range.

STIM318 is an excellent choice to be the primary IMU in humanoid robots and has already a track record from multiple designs of several years of use in humanoid robot applications. This both for systems used on earth and for systems in development for use in space.

STIM318 is a cost-effective ITAR free solution for systems that only had FOGs as an alternative when reaching for the performance level of that STIM318 can offer.

  • ITAR free
  • Low gyro bias instability (0.3°/h)
  • Low gyro noise (0.15°/√h)
  • Low accelerometer bias instability (0.003mg)
  • Low accelerometer noise (0.015 m/s/√h)
  • ±10g acceleration input range
  • User programmable bias trim offset
  • Customer configurable output format, sampling rate and filter settings
  • Compensated digital output, RS422
  • Continuous self-diagnostics
  • Solid state - high reliability
  • Insensitive to magnetic fields
  • Weight: <0,13 lbs (<57g)
  • Volume: <2,2 cu. in. (35cm3)


Each axis is factory calibrated for bias, sensitivity and compensated for temperature effects to provide high-accuracy measurements. The IMU runs off a single 5 V supply and communicates through a standard RS422 interface. For advanced users, STIM318 may be put in Service Mode. In this mode all the configuration parameters can be intermediately or permanently changed by overwriting the current settings in the flash memory. Service Mode also provides the ability to perform single measurements, perform diagnostics and obtain a higher detail in the status byte. STIM318 also has a Bias Trim Offset function, allowing the user zero out any bias offset of all nine axes individually. The bias offsets can be stored in the flash memory to remain in effect after powering off the IMU.


The STIM evaluation tool offer easy measurement and configuration access for STIM gyro modules and IMUs. The tool supports data sampling at alternative rates, graphical data presentation and data log to file for up to two gyro modules/IMUs in parallel. RS422 interface for PCI or USB, necessary cabling and PC software is included in the evaluation tool.

Parameter Min Typ Max Unit Comment
Gyro range ±400 °/s
Accelerometer range ±10 g
Data output Digital bits RTS422 protocol
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