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In space since 2012

Sensonor designs and manufactures High Accuracy Gyro and IMU solutions. With NASA's support, identifying leading edge components for space applications, some companies ventured into space with the Sensonor Gyro modules due to its SWaP and reliability. With several successful missions, the Sensonor STIM products became a standard for LEO satellites. Since 2012 Sensonor has been in continuous operation in space with its gyro solutions. Several hundred units are today flying with more than 30 different companies and several hundred more units are scheduled to launch.


Sensonor products are  designed into the applications below:

  • Sounding rockets
  • Launch vehicles
  • LEO satellites
  • LEO constellations
  • Cubesats
  • Cubesat launchers
  • Reaction wheel based control systems
  • Optical satellite downlinks
  • Environmental monitoring systems
  • Autonomous servicing satellites
  • International Space Station
  • Planetary mining equipment
  • Rovers (including the Mars rover Curiosity)


Customized versions available on request.

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