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Components for safety critical applications in the automotive segment

Sensonor designs and manufactures High Accuracy Gyro and IMU solutions that are used across a range of land operated applications. Sensonor has for several decades supplied components for safety critical applications in the automotive segment requiring the highest reliability. Sensonor was the first company ever to implement MEMS based accelerometers for airbag control. The experience and unprecedented focus on reliability and safety is the backbone in the development philosophy of all current products. The Gyro Modules and Inertial Measurement Units are after a decade in production established on a range of demanding platforms.


Sensonor products are  designed into the applications below:

  • Gun turret stabilization and RWS
  • North keeping systems
  • Pointing and target acquisition systems
  • Land navigator solutions
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Mobile mapping systems
  • Man and vehicle portable LIDAR systems
  • GNSS supported navigation systems
  • Gimbal stabilized camera systems
  • Long range pointing and observation systems
  • General platform stabilizations
  • Humanoids
  • Motion picture industry high-end systems
  • Weapon launchers
  • Mortar control and pointing systems


Customized versions available on request.

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