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Ultra-high Performance Gyro and IMU Solutions

Enabling a world in motion!

years experience in MEMS technology
125 000
tactical grade axis gyro delivered
years in use in space missions
400 000 000
MEMS sensors shipped

About Safran Sensing Technologies Norway

Safran Sensing Technologies Norway designs and manufactures high-precision tactical grade gyro sensors, gyro modules and IMUs for demanding applications. The company serves a global customer base in the Defense, Industrial, Aerospace and Commercial markets with ITAR-free solutions utilized in a wide range of applications.

Safran Sensing Technologies Norway operates its own wafer fabrication facility for production of the key sensor components in its products. Assembly, test and calibration are all in-house processes to secure the product performance. The company also offer MEMS Foundry Services that can provide you with access to decades of experience and mature MEMS processes. 


The tight integration between sensor fabrication, testing and assembly is what puts the company in a position to offer the highest performing sensors in the market.

Safran Sensing Technologies Norway is a global leader in MEMS technology and has extensive experience since 1985 in developing and manufacturing reliable sensor solutions for demanding applications involving high vibration, high shock and harsh environments.

Gyro and IMU Products