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Sensonor announces new high performance gyro module STIM210

Press release

Sensonor Technologies announces the STIM210, the world's highest performance silicon MEMS gyro module.

STIM210 represent the world’s highest performance silicon MEMS gyro module, and present a breakthrough for system designers who are under constant pressure to provide smaller, better and lower cost solutions. STIM210 is a low cost, low weight and power and high reliability 3 axis gyro module.

Weighing only 55grams, bias stability over the operating temperature range of 10 deg/h and a bias instability of 0. 5 deg/h, STIM210 offers an immediate choice to system designers to displace large, expensive, fragile and prone to wear current Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) or mechanical gyro sensors.

STIM210 is another milestone in the continued efforts of Sensonor Technologies to expand the boundaries of MEMS gyros, and to build a broad portfolio of high performance inertial sensors. STIM210 is an ITAR free product, and suitable for platform navigation, guidance and stabilization applications in the Industrial, Aerospace and Defense markets.

“The STIM210 is another step in our ongoing success realizing our vision of providing more stable, robust and affordable high performance gyros to the market place” commented Mr. Hans Richard Petersen VP of Sales & Marketing at Sensonor Technologies. “MEMS gyros continue to advance in performance. It offers lower cost, more robustness, and increased reliability in demanding environments. With STIM210 in our portfolio we will better address more applications in the navigation and guidance segment”, he continued.

STIM210 will be introduced at Sensors and Test in Germany and at Sensors Expo in USA the week of June 6th.