When size, performance and robustness matter!
High precision MEMS sensors since 1965


Problem solved!
For years, the fundamental issue of maintaining lifetime vacuum in the reference chamber of a micro sensor reminded a huge challenge. In the mid-nineties, Sensonor introduced an anodic wafer bonding technology with electrical crossings buried under an epitaxial layer. This solution secures both the hermetic reference chamber and as well provides a stable inert environment for the sensing system being piezo resistors or capacitive electrodes.
  Less than 0.1ppm failure rate for several 100 million sensors tells the rest of the story. These unique solutions are now made available for general applications in the ranges 0.5 to 20 bars.

Small and robust
A range of small and robust precision gyros based on the balanced ButterflyGyroTM design is offered. The ButterflyGyroTM design guarantees unbeaten performance for demanding applications and for vibration exposed applications in particular.

Pioneering MEMS gyros
 From pioneering Silicon Gyros for automotive use, we have further developed high precision MEMS based alternatives to traditional gyro technology.

Wide range of performance
The performance spans from the SAR series gyro sensors, closing the gap between low grade FOG's and traditional MEMS gyros, to the STIM series gyro modules, representing a superior choice to FOG's in respect to robustness, reliability, size/weight, power and cost.

Enabling solutions
Sensonor makes a difference in the industrial sensor and transducer community by focusing on products based on MEMS technology for High Precision applications.
Our devotion is to serve customers with enabling solutions when the combination of size, performance and robustness matter. We offer products that can replace existing non efficient technology.

Outstanding reliability
Sensonor has for more than 25 years played a significant role in the global MEMS industry. Over the years, more than 250 million pressure sensors, more than 250 million accelerometers, and more than 2 million gyros have been shipped to customers for use in numerous type of applications. Less than 0.1ppm field failures are the ultimate proof of long term dedication and capability.

Check out!

NEW tactical grade IMU!

STIM300 Inertial Measurement Unit


STIM300 is a non-GPS aided Inertial Measurement Unit suitable for various commercial and defense guidance and navigation applications. The IMU is insensitive to magnetic fields and is a small, low weight solution - often used as an alternative to the larger and more costly fiber optic gyro based systems.


Tested in Space!

Sensonor has been selected for the Dauria Aerospace small satellite program based in Skolkovo, Moscow, Russia, and the NASA Ames Research Center, California. The Sensonor STIM210 and the STIM300 have been selected due to their unique combination of size, weight, power consumption and cost - making them extremely attractive compared to alternative solutions. Sensonor modules, highly reliable in the rigors of a space, are currently flying on multiple satellite programs in the U.S., Europe and Russia. Learn more about STIM210 and STIM300.


LiDAR USA Announces STIM300 Integration!

LiDAR USA has chosen STIM300 for their ScanLook Snoopy mobile mapping system. Earlier having used large FOG solutions, the now report "The STIM300 appears to be delivering as promised with nearly FOG-like results" Read more here


Increased Robustness in STIM300 IMU

STIM300 will offer user access to more than 111 monitored parameters inside the sensor system. The IMU offer continous self-monitoring status data 2000 times per second.
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Sensonor launches tactical grade miniature IMU, STIM300

STIM300 is a small, lightweight and low power ITAR free high performance Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). STIM300


Sensonor STIM210 has been selected for the SIMBAD RC System

November 18th 2014 - The STIM210 will support systems stabilization to mitigate effects of wave motion for a 'remote controlled' variant of the SIMBAD twin launcher system, equipped with two ready-to-fire Mistral missiles. The system developed by MBDA services the French Navy and several navies around the world.
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Sensonor distribution in China

Sensonor AS and Beijing BDStar Navigation Co., Ltd. enter into extended distribution and strategic partnership agreement.
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