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Technology Partners

Sensonors extensive partner network

Sensonor develops solutions in cooperation with partners that are global leaders in their respective technology areas. The following organizations constitute the backbone of our extensive partner network.


The SINTEF Group, Norway, is the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia and provides research-based expertise, services and products ranging from micro technology, communication and software technology, computational software and information systems to security and safety.

The close cooperation with Sintef (from the sixties, SI, the national institute for applied industrial research, later integrated with Sintef) has been paramount for Sensonor. In general Sensonor develops basic micro technology integration and manufacturing processes in close cooperation with the Microsystems and Nanotechnology group and the clean room laboratory MiNaLab.

Particular strengths of the relationship are within DRIE, wafer bonding, functional materials and MEMS and MOEMS devices.



Vestfold University College has established itself as the main academic centre for micro system technology in Norway. The Faculty of Science and Engineering offers both a Bachelor and Master degree in MST.

Areas of research are within MEMS with focus on micro energy devices, biomedical micro systems and micro packaging technologies. Vestfold University College co-ordinates industry cluster activities within "Norwegian Centre of Expertise - Microsystems".

Sensonor has a strong cooperation with IMST (Institute for Micro System Technology at Vestfold University College) in the field of micro packaging technologies.



Acreo Swedish ICT AB, Sweden, is an independent contract research institute in sensors, sensor systems, electronics, optics and communication technology. Acreo is a key partner in the development of Sensonor´s gyro technology and for developing micro bolometer sensing materials. Acreo Sensor Systems have as technology partner to Sensonor developed a unique understanding of how to get the best out of Sensonor´s gyro and IMU components in motion tracking and navigation applications.

Acreo Nanoelectronics possesses unique competence with focus on IR-detectors and thermal imaging such as QWIP, Microbolometers and Biomedical imaging. Acreo is international well renowned for its excellence within the area of gyro technology and semiconductor based radiation detector technology for wavelengths ranging from X-ray to far-IR.

Sensonor relies on a close cooperation with Acreo for developing these technologies.