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System integration partners

We work only with the best

Sensonor is co-operating with system integration partners that are leaders in their respective markets. The following companies have demonstrated a unique capability to investigate and develop state-of-the-art system solutions and thereby to establish MEMS based precision sensing as a leading technology.

iMAR Navigation

iMAR Navigation, is based in St. Ingbert, Germany, where it has its headquarters, development centre, environmental and motion test labs and production site. The company has extensive experience in conception, development, production and maintenance of inertial measuring and navigation systems destined to a wide range of standards and special applications in various fields like surveying, stabilization, guidance, control and defence.

iMAR also offers consultance in inertial measurement system and application design.


Acreo Swedish ICT AB

Acreo Swedish ICT AB, Sweden, is an independent contract research institute with a commercial focus that offers efficient and rapid prototyping of inertial navigation and motion tracking sensor solutions.

Acreo Sensor Systems is a key partner in the development of SensonorĀ“s gyro technology and so has been able to develop a unique understanding of how to get the best out of SensonorĀ“s gyro and IMU components in motion tracking and navigation applications.

Sensonor and Acreo Sensor Systems have enjoyed years of mutually fruitful and stimulating collaboration.