Pressure dies

Sensonor offer a range of small and robust absolute pressure sensor dies. The product range utilizes Sensonor's patented anodic wafer bonding technology with electrical crossings buried under an epitaxial layer. The bulk micromachined triple stack solution results in excellent media compatibility. Piezoresistors are buried inside the pressure diaphragm on opposite side of media access and will therefore never be in contact with measurement media. This design makes the sensors robust in harsh environment applications, with superior stability and performance over long lifetime compared to many traditional MEMS sensor designs.

bar (psi)
mV/bar @ 5V

SW415-B / SW415-BW

Pressure sensor dies with high bridge resistance optimized for barometric measurements. The die is extremely linear in the barometric range making it perfect for high accuracy applications.

0.80–1.20 (11.6–17.4)64±0.02

SW415-2 / SW415-2W

Pressure sensor dies with high bridge resistance and high sensitivity. The die can be used for pressures well above 5 bars.

2.0 (29)64±0.19

SW412-13 / SW412-13W

Pressure and acceleration sensor dies with excellent non-linearity. The accelerometer is designed to sustain high static acceleration and shock.

13 (189)16±0.11

SW414-15 / SW414-15W

Pressure sensor dies featuring low non-linearity over a wide pressure range. The die can be used for pressures well above 20 bars. Combined with a wide temperature operating range this sensor die can be used in a broad range of applications.

15 (218)6.0±0.29