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GMA Land Navigator selects Sensonor STIM210 as inertial engine

2017-01-10 - The STIM210 provides high accuracy inertial data for the AXD-LNS Land Navigator Solution. Sensonor is currently in serial deliveries supporting the Land Navigator which went into regular production in late 2016, following 5 years of development.…  
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Sensonor supplies IMUs for NASA Raven and Near Earth Orbit Scout

2016-08-23 - Today, the company is proud to announce that Sensonor is a supplier for NASA's current and future Low and Near Earth Orbit space applications. Sensonor's STIM300 and STIM210 inertial products are now a standard part in many spacecraft's similar to the AeroCube-4.…  
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STIM300 selected for precision Surface Navigator and True North Finding System by iMAR

2016-04-25 - iMAR has selected the STIM300 high precision IMU as the core inertial engine to provide accurate inertial data for its new precision surface navigator and True North Finding Systems. The systems are in regular production and is being deployed in mission critical user applications…  
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New functionality and increased performance in STIM210 tactical grade gyro

2015-10-19 - STIM210 with its new functionality now offer user access to 65 continuously monitored parameters inside the sensor system. This feature improves system integrity and ensures...  
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Increased Robustness in STIM300

2015-02-10 - STIM300 will offer user access to more than 111 monitored parameters inside the sensor system. The IMU offer continous self-monitoring status data 2000 times per second.  
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Sensonor distribution in China

2015-01-22 - Sensonor AS and Beijing BDStar Navigation Co., Ltd. enter into extended distribution and strategic partnership agreement.  
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Sensonor STIM210 has been selected for the SIMBAD RC System

18.11.2014 - The STIM210 will support systems stabilization to mitigate effects of wave motion for a 'remote controlled' variant of the SIMBAD twin launcher system, equipped with two ready-to-fire Mistral missiles. The system developed by MBDA services the French Navy and several navies around the world.
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Sensonor Sponsor Unmanned Systems Week!

02.06.2014 - When designing navigation systems, a reoccurring challenge is how to decide on sensor performance with respect to desired system performance. 
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Sensonor STIM300 is chosen by LiDAR USA

12.02.2014 - The STIM300 IMU is chosen by LiDAR USA for their ScanLook Snoopy mobile mapping system.  
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Sensonor introduce new features in STIM300 Inertial Measurement Unit

10.09.2013 - STIM300 IMU is closing the performance gap to FOG (fiber optic gyro) and it is a powerful alternative to current solutions in the market.
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Sensonor launches tactical grade miniature IMU, STIM300

25.10.2012 - STIM300 is a small, lightweight and low power ITAR free high performance Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).
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Sensonor and AVITON enter distribution agreement for Russia

22.06.2012 - AVITON and Sensonor have agreed to cooperate in building its business for inertial sensors in the Russian market.
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Sensonor announces new high performance gyro module STIM210

01.06.2011 - Sensonor Technologies announces the STIM210, the world's highest performance silicon MEMS gyro module.
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Sensonor announces new wireless pressure sensor

10.02.2011 - Sensonor Technologies announces the SP400, an integrated wireless low-power pressure sensor with an embedded RISC micro controller.
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Follow Sensonor on Twitter

03.01.2011 - Sensonor Technologies introduced on Twitter.
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Sensonor Gyro awarded the best high precision MEMS gyro in the market

01.12.2010 - Sensonor Technologies was awarded the 2010 European High Precision MEMS Gyroscopes New Product Innovation Award by Frost & Sullivan.
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Sensonor Webshop launched

16.11.2010 - Sensonor Technologies AS has launched its webshop for online sales.

Sensonor present paper on Gyroscope

20.08.2010 - Sensonor Technologies AS present paper on Gyroscope with North Seeking Capability at Symposium Gyro Technology September 21, 2010
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Sensonor attend MEMS Technology Summit

19.08.2010 - Sensonor Technologies is a Silver Sponsor for MEMS Technology Summit. If you want to meet us, please contact us:

Sensonor present paper on Gyroscope

30.04.2010 - Sensonor Technologies AS present paper on Gyroscope with North Seeking Capability at PLANS 2010 (IEEE) May 4, 2010
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Seeking distributors

23.04.2010 - Sensonor Technologies AS is developing a worldwide distributor network, and is seeking local distributors to market and sell our sensor products. The products are marketed and distributed today primarily from Sensonor directly and through a few regional distributors. If this applies to you, please contact us.

Sensonor present paper on Thermal Imaging

17.03.2010 - Sensonor Technologies AS present paper on Long Wave Infrared Bolometer and Wafer Bonding at SPIE DSS Conference, April 6 - 2010


12.03.2010 - Sensonor Technologies AS is establishing a US sales office and is searching for the right candidate.

Sensonor launches a multipurpose pressure sensor

24.02.2010 - Sensonor Technologies AS a multipurpose digital absolute pressure sensor - fully calibrated and compensated with programmable, embedded RISC µC and optional accelerometer

Sensonor profiled in South China Morning Post February2010

05.02.2010 - South China Morning Post is profiling Sensonor Technologies in their special report, Norway Country Report, under the headline "Sensonor shifts to high-end applications".

Sensonor announces a breakthrough in MEMS Gyro performance

13.01.2010 - Sensonor Technologies AS releases today SIMU202 a multi-axis high performace Gyro module.

Sensonor launches new Gyro sensor

24.11.2009 - Sensonor Technologies AS launches high performance MEMS gyro sensor, SAR100, enabling applications in harsh environment that require high bias stability.

Acreo and Sensonor are developing new IR imaging sensor

11.11.2009 - Sensonor Technologies AS and Acreo AB have signed an agreement for industrialization of a high performing infrared imaging sensor. The technology combines existing manufacturing processes for CMOS and MEMS in a new manner.
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Sensonor profiled in MEMSentry October 2009

04.11.2009 - The monthly magazine MEMSentry from Yole Dévelopment, which publishes this exclusive magazine analyzing recent events and coming trends in the MEMS fields, is profiling Sensonor Technologies AS under the headline "Company insider - Sensonor looks to higher value markets".

Norwegian precision - Swedish innovation

23.09.2009 - Sensonor Technologies AS and Imego, The Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology in Gothenburg, Sweden, enter a long term strategic coorperation for development, manufacturing and marketing of MEMS based inertia sensors and navigation systems.
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Website launched

03.07.2009 - Today we launch our website with a new look and with focus on our products and their applicability. Major changes have been made to bring our products in the front seat and to provide customers with feasible and interesting knowledge.

Sensonor profiled in Imego Magazine 2009

08.06.2009 - The annual magazine from Imego AB, the Swedish Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology, is profiling Sensonor Technologies AS under the headline "MEMS for High Precision - that's Sensonor Technologies AS".

SensoNor gets new ownership

17.02.2009 - The new company gives an opportunity for growth into new areas of application. Sensonor's technology, knowledge base and production capability can be utilized within several high-end niche applications.